Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Concierge, Researcher and Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Through the cost- and time-friendly concept of shared services, we support small and medium-sized corporations or their routine administration needs as if they had a full fledge office. Whether it is booking a flight or a hotel room, setting up a meeting, researching on specialized subjects or preparing for a presentation, we can do it quickly, cost-effectively and across time zones.

Office Management

  • Power point presentations
  • Editing/Formatting of Documents
  • Research

Admin Support

  • Database Management
  • Secretarial
  • Encoding/Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Updating of social media feeds
Plan Rate per Hour Consumable Hours Monthly Rate Additional Hour Rate
Plan 25 USD15 25 USD375 USD17
Plan 35 USD12 35 USD420 USD14
Plan 50 USD10 50 USD500 USD12
Pay/Hour USD18 10 USD180 USD18
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